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Attention South Florida Atheists, Agnostics, Freethinkers, and Humanists [Mar. 4th, 2005|08:21 pm]
Our current members and I of the Broward Atheists Meetup (www.browardatheists.com and in www.meetup.com) welcome all interested in atheism, theism, freethought, agnosticism, humanism, transhumanism, state and church seperation (otherwise known as seperation of sturch), and related topics to our Tuesday meetings after 6:30pm. The www.browardatheists.com website has details on our venue, it is currently a pub, but will change when more members are acquired. We're already bulging at the seams with an average attendance of about twelve. No matter your age, beliefs, or preferences, we'd like to hear your opinion. Even the sternest Christians may come and present their thoughts, because if you really believe we're going to hell, we sure don't want to be wrong about the subject, haha, but most members are pretty confident about their atheism and agnosticism. I mention the invitation only to be open-minded. Anyways, we usually discuss religion, politics, philosophy, etc. but do not feel obligated to have to order anything despite it being a pub. There is no membership fee either, it is an informal event so far seeing how we have too few to be more organized, but we'd like to be! And we'd like to have enough people to start some activism and be as productive as possible.

Aside from the weekly Tuesday meetings, there are fun events such as campfires and beach barbeques scheduled. We sure would like to cooperate with other groups and more members to voice the rights and freedoms we and others deserve regardless of our beliefs and with your ideas and help, this can be made possible. The current goal is to eliminate the negative stigma attached to our labels by altruism and stoicism such as scholarships and good deeds. E-mail me with any questions or better yet, any one else you can get in contact with from the website to get a clearer understanding of who and what we are. We turn no one down and encourage debate, skepticism, and reason. The meetings are definitely worthwhile and interesting or else I wouldn't waste the little free time I have as a college student to invite any one else to come join the experience. If you are in the area and find the time inconvenient with your busy schedule, no hard feelings will be had, but at least sign the guestbook so we can know you support us and wish you could come. :-)

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(no subject) [Jan. 20th, 2005|06:58 pm]
Hello, new member! I thought I'd join this community as I take Theology at college and have learnt a lot over the last year. Today in class I came across a convincing argument I'd like to share.

Imagine you are walking in a field. You look down and see a watch lying on the ground. Would you assume that it had merely appeared or grown there? No, you would assume that something so complex and intricate had been designed and created by something with intelligence.

The watch is very much like the world. Think about all the tiny, detailed processes that work together to make the world run smoothly. For example, the human body itself. It's so complex. Everything fits seamlessly together to perform a purpose.

Doesn't it seem more logical to suppose that the universe was designed and created by something with intelligence, than to suppose that it simply appeared (or was created by something without any intelligence or comprehension whatsoever, i.e. a force, like science)?
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Sort of a contradictory title [Jan. 14th, 2005|02:53 pm]

Whilst your community title claims this is a community for debating god, near as I can see all you people tend to do is bring up ideas and agree on them. You really have no one here that believes in any god that has debated with you and if you did have that at one time they left you long ago.

Your arguments are pretty basic theological questions that arise amongst most former believers and athiests but you really don't have a whole lot special or unique about them. You mostly question the christian church, which is all too common, and the conservative way of thinking. What most of you don't realise is that most of the now conservative ideas were at one time liberal and there supporters were at one time to liberal. You question faith, belief and higher beings and condemn them just as others condemn you so you are not much better in your ways of thinking for you. I couldn't possibly see how someone speaking on the same positions as you could think of themself as a higher thinker or possibly even a philosipher.

You questions methods you don't understand, generalise groups of people in to all having singular beliefs and your one really good point of arguement, as near as I can tell, is the questioning of the origins of specific practicies.
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(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2004|05:22 pm]

A god encompassed by logic, one of the most common, basic questions I am told; though I have yet to hear a satisfying answer from theists opposing this. I could potentially do more research, but I would rather read your views on this basic, yet fundamental question.

Logic is more powerful than God

* If there is a logical reason why God exists, then logic created God, is all-powerful and restrains God.
* If there is no logical reason why God exists, then it holds that the Universe could exist for no logical reason and therefore require no creator.

This is the variation of the argument that I found on this certain site after a quick search, there are other variations as well. There also a few other basic cases such as this, which ones again, there seems not to be any satisfactory explanations for from the theists' POV.

cross-posted to challenging_god
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a revision [Nov. 18th, 2004|07:44 pm]

try this other Debabte God yahoo group:

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(no subject) [Nov. 15th, 2004|01:46 pm]

Two yahoo groups of interest:

Subscribe to mormonite-science

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Subscribe to Dare_To_Debate_Your_God

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Ask Congress to Investigate The 2004 Election [Nov. 14th, 2004|09:53 am]

Dear friend,

Questions are swirling around whether the election was conducted honestly or not. We need to know -- was it or wasn't it?

If people were wrongly prevented from voting, or if legitimate votes were mis-counted or not counted at all, we need to know so the wrongdoers can be held accountable, and to help prevent this from happening again.

Members of Congress are demanding an investigation to answer this question. Join me in supporting their call, at:


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still trying to come with something i can believe in [Nov. 13th, 2004|09:05 pm]

god is a creation of man
you are directly responsible for your actions

two statements. any comments?
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Election response [Nov. 8th, 2004|12:59 am]

I'm not entirely convinced that Bush won the election fair and square. There are some fairly major stories getting out about problems with voting machines, people not being allowed to vote, votes being lost, etc. I'm concerned that Kerry and the Democrats may be letting all this go too easily. I want these problems investigated thoroughly. I have no idea how to go about pushing for that, though.

One thing I really want to know is this: Where do Christian fundamentalists get the idea that is moral and good for them to try to force their morals on everyone else around them? I was raised in a Baptist family and even when I agreed with the morals I was taught, I never understood this idea of Christians trying to make the laws based on Christian morals. Supposedly, Jesus is the first and best example of how a Christian is supposed to act. However, it doesn't seem, from Biblical accounts, that Jesus was ever very interested in imposing Old Testament laws on people around him. In fact, he often broke the established laws to show that it's more important how people treat each other than how closely they follow religious rules. Jesus visited and ate with prostitutes, tax collectors, and other "unsavory" people and, from my Bible reading experience, it seems he rarely, if ever, lectured them on their religious habits. He was far more inclined to lecture religious leaders for following the Mosaic Laws to the letter but rarely showing love or compassion to those who needed it. The Pharisees (if I remember correctly) asked Jesus which Commandment was the most important and he said, "Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul; and love your neighbor as you do yourself." Does that sound like a guy who was obsessed with moral laws to you?

So I really wish someone would explain this to me. Where in the Bible, or in church tradition, or ANYWHERE, is there a justification for legislating morality? If someone can tell me the origin of this practice, I really want to know.
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new religion [Oct. 23rd, 2004|12:38 pm]

[Feeling |contemplativecontemplative]

i am thinking of making a new religion. one that anyone can be a part of and one that looks at the things people have in common, not their differences, anyone have any ideas?
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