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Since when isn't truth out-datable? - Debate God [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Since when isn't truth out-datable? [May. 5th, 2005|03:43 pm]
[Feeling |curiouscurious]
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By this I mean that our culture has come to the point whereas quite a few of the beliefs of the (Christian) church as a whole have little or no relevance. Think for example about birth control (a Catholic issue) or the rights of women and other minorities.

I forget where, but the Bible makes mention of slavery as a positive thing, the selling of virgin daughters and quite a few other practices that while not as barbaric, are wrong. For example, the idea that a woman should always defer to a male in her life, her father in youth and her husband from then out. Would you say that these are positive modals for a modern society?

Sure there are a few universal truths in the Bible. But these ideas are found in every single other religion, even Satanism. When I say that Christianty is on its way out, I mean as a whole. It is in decline. A good way to see this is to take a look worldwide and see how most American Christian views are seen. ONLY in the US is the idea that a creation story should be taught in schools as science even plausable.

Reality is that things change. If you don't change with Reality you are left behind. 2,000 odd years is a good run for any religion, I give them another 300 before complete revalence is lost.

I am not Christian so any conflict with tenents about the church and world being seperate doesn't bother me. Facts are facts.

This was from an earlier post, I had just finished reading Feuerbach's "The Essence of Christianity" (very interesting book, ya'll should check it out if you haven't already) for a philosophy of religion class and then writing a paper based off that and LaVeyian Satanism. (If you don't know what this is, please don't tell me the devil is going to take my soul!)If anyone is interested in the paper I will throw it online.

Eh, but my point is..... agree with me or not? And why? What do you think about outdated ideas still being taught as truth? If it is easier, what would you think if public schools taught that black people were inherently inferior and must be taken care of by whites? (A belief from not too long ago that aside from a few wierdos in the hills, is thought to be bunk these days but was once accepted as truth by a majority AKA "white man's burden".)

[User Picture]From: madameaquarian
2005-06-30 03:09 pm (UTC)
realize this post is old, but i'm a newbie.

i agree about the teaching of creationism as science being kinda... well.. silly.
but soemhow i dont think chrisianity is going to lose it's power. right now in the senate and stuff christian folks are ranting on about how they're not being "accepted". please. you can wear a cross around your neck and look normal, but not so much with a pentagram. they'll fight to be the majority, that's clear.

but you're right about truth- truth shifts forma human perspective over time. and right now, christianity is a little behind on truth.

if you wouldn't mind posting the paper tat'd be so cool.
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From: sufibridge
2005-08-02 01:15 pm (UTC)
Im a newbie too.Just want to say that in general,religions these days are trying to change to fit to people and their desires and personal ideas.Actually the thing has always been the other way round.People should try to fit to the teachings from God as revealed through His Prophets.
Granted that the Bible is not a reliable source of knowledge any more having been changed so many times in translation and tampered with by the Church authorities (once more to bring it in line with what people/governments wanted), but 1) The Koran contains a promise from God that it will never be changed 'til the end of time and 2) we have thousands of verified sayings from Muhammad which give is a good picture of how he lived those revealed truths. 3) There are living exponents of real sufi Islam who can advise on the appropriate application of Islamic shariat law and customs because they have a living spiritual link with the Prophet (pbuh) and don't get hooked up on what their minds or egos are saying.
Christianity's teachings didn't end with Jesus..he was taken up to heaven to make way for Muhammad and no-one is thinking to look there because of all the awful terrorism and other anti-Islamic acts that are being perpetrated.However,via sufi ways one may learn something about the real Islam of the Prophet rather than that Wahabi inspired stuff which is being foisted upon the world through Saudi influence and oil money.
It is surprising how we live in a world like that portrayed in the story of The Emperor Who Had no Clothes.Now we are not allowed to say anything true about either Blacks or Jews or women because it is not "politically correct" and the so-called liberal modern ideas of equality of everyone and everything have had their logical conclusion in the homosexual marriages that we are seeing beginning to be accepted..Must all wisdom be destroyed in the name of liberalism and democracy?
How can the Word of God be informed by man's ideas and political systems? Surely man's earthly life both individually and collectively should be informed by The Word of God?
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From: fritz666
2005-10-25 10:30 pm (UTC)


The next time that GoA (god of Abraham) is standing in front of you, (not metaphorically but literally and physically) ask him what he thinks. In addition, please have an electronic recording device turned on so that we might all share in his wisdom. However, in the mean time I would like to remind you that everything that is purported to come from GoA still comes out of the mouths of men. Words penned by men. I would also like to point out that words are what men use to lie to each other with.
Just something to think about.
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[User Picture]From: phoenix_saga
2005-09-13 08:47 pm (UTC)
randomly saw the icon, and i'd have to say...
i don't care about any of those people either.

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